GD 220 / Spring 2010

Maryland Institute College of Art / Prof Callie Neylan

Schematic + WordPress.

For Tuesday, create a WordPress account and select a template that you will use for the base structure of the site.

You will also create a schematic (i.e. sitemap) of your site’s information architecture. This can be a simple diagram created in Illustrator. For those of you who have not completely thought through the outline of your site contents, this will help you do that.

I’ll post examples in the “Resources” section.


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Project Two.

Just posted: your next project sheet (Under the “Project Sheets” link to the right).

To help you prepare for this project, here are some articles to read on wireframing:

The What, When, and Why of Wireframing

The “Boxing Glove” Wireframing Technique

Grey Box Methodology

also, a supplemental reading on service design:

Design Council: What is Service Design?

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Project One.

Tuesday your final for project one is due. I created a new group on Flickr just for this class. You should have received an invitation to join the group. If you didn’t, please email me.

Before class on Tuesday, your final projects should be posted to the group. In addition, you are required to critique, via well-thought out, strategic comments (Simple comments like “Nice!” or “I like this!” don’t count), on at least five of your studio mates’ final pieces. This online critique requirement is part of your grade for this project.

Wesley and I will be checking for the comments and they will be considered in the grading process.

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Post blizzard.

Hey, everyone.

I went through some of the matrices posted Flickr while in Savannah but was then having connectivity issues, plus a delayed flight back to Baltimore due to the snow. But I just went through the remainder that are there, posting where I felt comments were warranted. Part of Tuesday’s class will be working studio time, with your final money designs now due on February 23. However, your rhetoric examples are still due in class this Tuesday, February 16. Be prepared to present your examples, speaking to their specific rhetorical device references.

Also, note that I posted a couple more interesting articles in the “Articles/Resources” section that have to do with money design.

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City research.

Things to think about when researching your city:

1 Demographics – who lives there? Is it racially diverse or homogenous? Old or young? What language is spoken there?

2 Socioeconomics – are its residents mostly rich, poor, or somewhere in between?

3 Industry – what kind of businesses drive your city’s economic engine?

4 Size – how many people live there?

5 History – how did the city come into existence? How old is your city?

6 Culture – what are the main cultural influences on your city?

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This is the course blog for GD220, Spring 2010 at MICA. My name is Callie. I will be your instructor.

In general, I don’t bite. I might growl, though, if you don’t do your work, if you do your work but it is sloppy, if you send text messages during class, or if you email me the night before class with a lame excuse for why your project isn’t done. If you’re repeatedly late to class, I might growl and bark.

I love design. I eat, breathe, sleep, and dream design. I expect the same from you.

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