GD 220 / Spring 2010

Maryland Institute College of Art / Prof Callie Neylan

Class notes

Due in class on Tues, Feb 02:

Three moodboards, 8.5″ by 11″, horizontal orientation, uploaded to Flickr (so we don’t have to waste time dealing with getting files on the computer in class).

Three photos of texture, 7″x7″, printed out and brought to class. They can be black and white or color.

Your city mind maps, scanned if you did them by hand, or save from Illustrator as a gif or jpg. Also post to Flickr.

Examples of foreign money. Either actual samples or researched samples. Print out samples if you don’t have actual ones.

Due on Flickr by Fri, Feb 05:

Your attributes/brand matrices. Do one to place your mood boards to help define them. If necessary, do another one help define design element choices in individual moodboards.

Due in class on Tues, Feb 09:

Printed versions, front and back, of at least three notes of your money system. Print at actual size. Also be able to show (or at least talk about if you can’t yet implement) how your money system will work for the blind, and for the illiterate/foreigners.

Read the rhetoric article in the articles section of the blog.

Due in class on Tues, Feb 16:

Three examples of rhetoric in design, choosing three different examples based on the reading.


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