GD 220 / Spring 2010

Maryland Institute College of Art / Prof Callie Neylan


Mar 30

Kit of Parts

And an article on the design process.

Mar 20

Key User Path example.

960 Grid System

Mar 05

Click-thru prototype example (This is a prototype for a mobile application, but the same principles would apply to a web site).

Sitemap example (Basically, a sitemap is a visual outline of your site content and a way to work out the site structure and hierarchy before building your site. Each square is a page on your site and each color denotes a section).

Feb 14

Monopoly Gets a Redesign

“No more paper bills. Monopoly’s trademark funny money has gone digital. A computer banker sits in the center of the “Revolution” board. Players spread the money around by using novelty debit cards.”


Square: The End of Cash?

Twitter founder takes on digital money.

Music: My City vs Your City


Feb 2


Castle in the Air: Dubai Reaches for the Sky

Pantone Color Trends


Jan 26

A Modest Proposal: Customized Currency

Developing Personas


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