GD 220 / Spring 2010

Maryland Institute College of Art / Prof Callie Neylan

City research.

Things to think about when researching your city:

1 Demographics – who lives there? Is it racially diverse or homogenous? Old or young? What language is spoken there?

2 Socioeconomics – are its residents mostly rich, poor, or somewhere in between?

3 Industry – what kind of businesses drive your city’s economic engine?

4 Size – how many people live there?

5 History – how did the city come into existence? How old is your city?

6 Culture – what are the main cultural influences on your city?


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This is the course blog for GD220, Spring 2010 at MICA. My name is Callie. I will be your instructor.

In general, I don’t bite. I might growl, though, if you don’t do your work, if you do your work but it is sloppy, if you send text messages during class, or if you email me the night before class with a lame excuse for why your project isn’t done. If you’re repeatedly late to class, I might growl and bark.

I love design. I eat, breathe, sleep, and dream design. I expect the same from you.

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